Veganism & Recovery: For The Animals or For Control?

Having struggled with an eating disorder for over two years now there is nothing that I haven’t thought about in terms of food, recovery and a ‘healthy lifestyle.’ After all, there was a time in my life that thoughts of food and anorexia consumed every part of me. However, it’s only over the past few months that I have begun to see the pattern of people in recovery deciding to go vegan.

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October In Oxfordshire

Autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes? Yes please.

There’s no denying that Autumn is my favourite time of year but usually I do not set foot outside of the Lanarkshire/Glasgow area and experience these autumnal vibes elsewhere. However, this year my family decided to take a trip to Oxfordshire for a few days during the October week. The trip was primarily to view my older sister’s new gravestone but we also ventured into Oxford and spent a lot of time using the free wifi in Starbucks.


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