A New Start.

So, it’s been a while..

Ever since I first started blogging it was clear that I could not commit to frequent posting. I wish I could give an excuse such as I am a world traveler and have been busy exploring different cultures and devouring new foods, or that I have a busy social life and am always meeting with new people and living life on the wild side. However, those excuses would be blatant lies. The truth is that I have been uninspired. I was unhappy with the look and layout of my blog, unhappy with the infrequent posts and unhappy with my lack of a decent camera – there’s only so many times you can use your iPod before you feel an amateur to the blogging world. But what eases the pain of knowing that I was letting my blog gather dust was that I have been working pretty damn hard on my YouTube channel. For about two months now I have successfully managed to upload once a week. This has genuinely surprised me due to my blogging repertoire. YouTube, however exciting and passionate I may feel about this new hobby, does not allow me to showcase my love for writing. It is this ‘hole in my heart’ per say that leads me to sitting here at five to eleven at night typing away at my keyboard.

So, using a brand new platform (it was fun while it lasted Blogger), a new layout and the knowledge that I am getting a brand new camera for Christmas that I welcome blogging back into my life. I’d would love for you to stick around.


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