October In Oxfordshire

Autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes? Yes please.

There’s no denying that Autumn is my favourite time of year but usually I do not set foot outside of the Lanarkshire/Glasgow area and experience these autumnal vibes elsewhere. However, this year my family decided to take a trip to Oxfordshire for a few days during the October week. The trip was primarily to view my older sister’s new gravestone but we also ventured into Oxford and spent a lot of time using the free wifi in Starbucks.






Oxford saw me meet Tyler Oakley, devouring pizza and revisiting my childhood with a giant Sylvanian Family.







On our final day we went to a farm centre that has become somewhat of a tradition whenever we’re in the area. They had a huge Christmas section that I got very over-excited about but I’ll leave those festive photos for another time much to the satisfaction of all you ‘it’s too early for Christmas’ peeps. I attempted a bit of vlogging on my trip so if you’re craving some festivity then keep an eye out on my YouTube channel.




When people ask where I’m from I always tell them Buckinghamshire. It’s a lot easier than the truth – I was born in Wales but have an English accent despite having spent most of my life in Scotland. I don’t consider myself from Wales as I spent very little time there after I was born. I have always felt more ‘at home’ in England due to my accent although that is now debatable as we were referred to as a ‘non-English family’ while we were away. Looking at it now I think I consider both Buckinhamshire & Oxfordshire (particularly the town, Witney) as my home away from home as I have nothing but fond memories of these areas.

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