Demi Lovato | ‘Confident’ Album Review

2009 was the year that I fell in love with the fresh-faced 16 year old that was Demetria Devonne Lovato. Fast forward seven years later and my feelings remain the same.

This month saw the release of her fifth studio album and it did not disappoint.

After hearing ‘Cool For The Summer’ in July, I could tell this was going to be an album that I was at risk of having to learn to love. Yes. When it comes to Demi I am willing to force myself to love anything and everything she creates. I love pop music, but when it comes to the subgenre of electro-pop or dance-pop or music with soul or R’n’B influence I can be a bit iffy. I’m a pop/punk girl at heart (which makes it no surprise that ‘Don’t Forget’ remains my favourite album by the songstress).

I instantly fell in love with the second single ‘Confident.’ It just screams badass and the music video just confirms the rebellious vibes of the song.

Maybe I had no reason to doubt my queen after all?

The album has a good mixture of upbeat, fun tracks and slower, more emotional ones. ‘Father’ being a prime example of the latter. I dare you to listen to it and not shed a tear. ‘Lionheart’ carries forward the strong and meaningful lyrics that Demi has been well known for in the past – ‘Skyscraper’ & ‘Warrior.’ But this new era in Demi’s life is about one thing and one thing only. CONFIDENCE!

If you follow Demi on any of her social media platforms then you will know that over the past few months she has been feeling incredibly confident in herself and with her body image – something that hasn’t always been there. It only seemed fitting that her album would be given the title it has. ‘Old Ways’ and ‘Waitin For You’ are two tracks that alongside ‘Confident’ establish the Texan girl’s new found confidence.

From feeling confident in your own skin to the losses she’s experienced in her life, I reckon that Demi’s new album is set to be her most successful to date. At 23 years old, the ‘Disney princess’ has come a long way from her Camp Rock days.

My own personal opinion on her new music? ‘Kingdom Come’ and ‘Waitin For You’ are both tracks that I was unsure of at first, but the more I listen to them the more I’m beginning to enjoy them. My favourites were made apparent the first time I heard them though – ‘Old Ways,’ ‘Lionheart,’ ‘Confident,’ ‘Stars,’ and ‘Yes.’ ‘Old Ways’ really hits home as I can relate a great deal to the lyrics. The chorus in ‘Lionheart’ is like listening to magic, ‘Confident’ makes me feel like kicking some butt and it’s incredibly difficult not to move to the beat of ‘Stars’ and ‘Yes.’

Demi Lovato - Confident

[Photo credit to Hollywood Records]

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