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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week, no doubt you will have heard the news that Busted are back! Yes, all three of them. Since the announcement, thousands of fans have been ecstatic over the news, probably more so than any other reunion of a successful band or group. This is all down to the fact that since the split in 2005, Charlie Simpson had regularly dismissed ever performing in Busted again leading us all to believe that they truly were no more.

But why? Busted had seen a huge amount of success with both studio albums peaking at number 2 in the UK charts and eight top 10 singles. Surely this is every young rockstar’s dream? For Matt Willis and James Bourne it was, but Charlie however felt differently. He had previously started that:

“…the music wasn’t really fulfilling me. I have good memories of the time, because we were travelling the world and doing some amazing things, but then as far as self-fulfillment goes, it wasn’t really doing a lot for me..” 

So, it wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy his time in the band, he simply wanted to create different music. After performing in rock band, Fightstar and a solo career, Charlie FINALLY rejoins Matt & James (who have spent the past couple of years performing and recording as supergroup, McBusted).

Busted were one of my favourite groups when I was younger following S Club 7. After both groups split, I have spent most of my life thinking that I would never get the opportunity to see them live and that their music would bring nothing but joyful nostalgia. Fast forward to May 2015 and I am dancing in the Hydro, belting out ‘Reach’ and ‘Don’t Stop Moving.’ You can only imagine my current disbelief that a whole year after seeing S Club, I will be in the very same venue but this time belting ‘Year 3000’ and ‘Air Hostess.’

Tickets for the ten-date arena tour went on sale last Friday and it was confirmed that 100,000 tickets were sold within the first hour resulting in additional dates being added. I think that just goes to prove that the demand for the comeback of this three-piece group was very high indeed. More than 10 years later fans are still sticking by the lads.

I also reckon that this isn’t just going to be a one off tour like most comebacks. The band have confirmed that they have been writing new music and that they hope to release at least one new track before they hit the road! I doubt their new sound will be of the same nature of ‘What I Go To School For’ – would it be pushing our luck to ask for an update on Miss McKenzie? – but to say I’m excited would be an understatement.

You can buy tickets for ‘Busted: The Tour’ here.

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