Marina & the Diamonds | Neon Nature Tour | O2 ABC, Glasgow


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25th November 2015. The day I saw an angel. A goddess among us insignificant human beings.

Okay, so maybe that was a little too far but I do not doubt that my friend would agree. Marina Diamandis, or more commonly known as ‘Marina & the Diamonds,’ took to the stage at the O2 ABC in Glasgow head to toe in glamour and sparkles. The show was to be a good one – thank you – and after three years the wait to see my favourite female artist was over.

Supporting her third album released earlier this year, the ‘Neon Nature’ tour was like that of no other tour I had witnessed before. Instead of the usual bouncing back and forth of old and new tracks, Marina’s set was in three different acts. Each act represented each of her three albums: ‘The Family Jewels,’ ‘Electra Heart’ and ‘FROOT.’ This excited me a great deal as to this day I am gutted that I didn’t get the chance to see Marina during the ‘Electra Heart’ era. Having an act dedicated to that heart-on-cheek was as close as I was going to get.

Opening with one of my favourite tracks on her first album, ‘Mowgli’s Road,’ Marina strutted across the stage sporting a sparkly pink number complete with what I can only call flared trousers (although that is almost an understatement) and two jewels on her head that from where I was standing looked like Mickey Mouse ears. ‘The Family Jewels’ act brought us fans the songs we all know and love: ‘I Am Not A Robot,’ ‘Oh No!’ ‘Obsessions’ and ‘Hollywood.’ The song choices were on point for me. Three of my four favourite tracks from the album so all in all, a FABULOUS start! But it was just about to get better…

‘Electra Heart’ isn’t only my favourite album by Marina & the Diamonds, but it’s also hands down one of my favourite albums of all time. It was the first album that I ever listened to by her and it was tracks such as ‘Teen Idle,’ ‘Hypocrates’ and ‘Buy The Stars’ that made me fall in love with the Welsh/Greek songstress. However, out of those three tracks, only ‘Teen Idle’ was performed alongside ‘Bubblegum Bitch,’ ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker,’ ‘Primadonna’ and ‘Lies.’ This act was complete with an appearance from Electra Heart’s best friend, Marilyn, and with the iconic heart on her cheek. To say the ending of this section didn’t stab me and my friend in the heart would be a lie. Part of the stage set up included a long, horizontal screen along the back of the stage where images flashed appropriate to each act and song. As ‘Electra Heart’ faded as did the heart on her cheek on the screen and it was time to welcome Marina’s current era: ‘FROOT.’

Naturally, this final act was longer than the first two. With a pair of cherries on her head and dressed in what could only be described as attire that would put competition to Super-Woman, Diamandis launched into the first single from the third album, ‘FROOT.’ Yet again, I was far from disappointed with the song choices. From the beginning I have stood my ground in saying that my favourite tracks include ‘I’m a Ruin’ and ‘Forget’ with ‘Savages’ being my number one. My ears were blessed with all three of these songs on top of ‘Can’t Pin Me Down,’ ‘Immortal’ with ‘Happy’ and ‘Blue’ as the encore.

Marina’s vocals were on point. She is one of those artists that sounds the exact same as she does on the recorded tracks, if not 100 times better. Was it worth the three year wait to see her? Definitely! The only negative thing I have to say about the night is that I couldn’t get any decent pictures as my iPod camera decided not to cooperate with me and that we had to wait half an hour for the train home but other than that I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.


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