The Christmas Tradition

Christmas decorations

Christmas is just around the corner. I can almost taste the Christmas pudding & Terry’s chocolate orange – much to my distaste as I don’t like either of these.

Although I’ve never been a huge fan of many of the festive foods that appear around this time of year, one thing I am a huge sucker for are traditions. I find it interesting how everyone can have different traditions that they carry out every year and how, sometimes, the idea of living out someone else’s tradition is almost barbaric. Take for example people who trail around and visit family on Christmas day, not spending much time in their own home. That idea is unspeakable to me as I’ve spent the past 18 Christmas’ in my own house with family coming over to us.

If traditions are broken, particularly around Christmas time, I feel uneasy and a tad bit upset. I know that may sound pathetic to some people, but to me traditions are what makes this time of year great. I know what to expect, I know what’s in store and I know that I’m going to enjoy it a hell of a lot!

What are my Christmas traditions? Well, we usually always put our Christmas decorations up on the first Saturday in December with a few exceptions. If the first Saturday is a week into December then I’m not having it and I request that we put it up during the week. Sad? I know. I also still have an advent calendar. Yes, at 19 years old I still feel the excitement of devouring one chocolate a day. If you’re one of those people who eat their chocolates all at once then shame on you!

As for Christmas day, the structure remains the same as it has done for years. Get up at around 7am, open the presents from our parents or ‘Santa,’ have breakfast & get dressed. We then go to mass at 9am before coming home and opening the presents under the tree. Christmas dinner for lunch around 12/1pm before lazing around in the afternoon messing around with our presents or playing a new board game. My grandparents, uncle & great grandpa come around late afternoon to exchange more presents before my grandpa takes my great grandpa home and we settle down to watch the Doctor Who & EastEnders Christmas specials. To me, this is the perfect Christmas and I hope I have a few more like this before I end up moving out and settling down myself.

I’m interested to hear about any Christmas traditions you guys have, so feel free to leave a comment and talk through a typical Christmas day or anything you do annually around this time of year!


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