What I Eat In A Day #1

Some of my favourite blog posts and YouTube videos are those where we are shown what that person has eaten in a day. It seems pointless with no real purpose – unless these videos are targeted at ‘clean eating’ or a certain diet – but I still find them entertaining nonetheless. So, I thought I would start a little series here on my blog about what I eat on a normal day and despite what I said above I feel as if these posts can serve of some purpose.

Being in recovery from an eating disorder is difficult enough without the added stress of not knowing what things to eat and how to keep a varied diet. For me, the Instagram recovery community has helped to diminish this stress and it’s time to return the favour. So if you’re in a similar position yourself maybe I can help shed some light on the situation!


Quaker Oat So Simple Heaps of Fruit blueberry & banana porridge & an apple

When I was younger I used to hate breakfast. Unless there were croissants or some other fancy food, I just found it really boring. Oh how the tables have turned. Breakfast is now my favourite meal of the day. If I had it my way, I would eat breakfast foods for lunch & dinner too! I also never thought highly of porridge – primarily for the fact that it looked gross – but now it’s one of my favourite foods. Nothing beats a warming bowl of porridge on a cold winter morning! An A+ breakfast complete with a coffee.


And with it being December, of course I had to have my forth advent calendar chocolate.



Tuna mayo & pepper sandwich and sweet chilli houmous with veggies

When I was in P7 I was one of the junior road safety officers. This title entailed me and my fellow classmate to go on a school trip where at lunch time they were serving a number of sandwiches. None of these sandwich fillings were your basic ham or cheese and after much deliberation and encouragement from the teacher, I decided to try and tuna & pepper sandwich. It’s now one of my favourite sandwich fillings. Paired with my fave combo of houmous & veggies it makes the perfect lunch. I rarely eat plain houmous, if ever, and this sweet chilli one is delish.



Kallo blueberry & vanilla rice cakes with cashew butter

I always have a snack in the afternoon. If I didn’t then it would leave a 5/6 hour gap between my lunch & dinner and that isn’t healthy. If you want to keep your energy levels up and keep up your metabolism then it’s important to eat frequently throughout the day – SNACKS AND ALL! I love nut butters. They have become a staple in my diet. My favourite is the Meridian almond butter but due to its recent rise in price (gutted isn’t even the word), my Mum picked up the cashew butter. It doesn’t beat almond or peanut butter, but it’s still pretty damn tasty. And these rice cakes are to die for! If I’m at home I always have my afternoon snack with a coffee.



Sweet potato, quinoa & lentil burger, Mexican chilli & bean rice & veg

Muller Light raspberry & cranberry yogurt

I’m not a vegetarian, but I naturally tend to prefer vegetarian foods. I have never been a huge lover of meat. I much prefer fish and the only meat I regularly eat and enjoy is chicken & turkey. These burgers are from Sainsbury’s and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a veggie option. It’s important to ensure that your main meal incorporates protein, carbs & some veg. This is something that my dietitian has reminded me of from day 1 and something that I have stuck with.

And for anyone who feels guilty or doesn’t think that you should have dessert every night, I always have dessert and so do the rest of my family! No dinner is complete without something sweet at the end.



Sweet popcorn

I usually get quite peckish in the evenings, especially on the days I stay up later, and my favourite thing to munch on is popcorn. The perfect snack while you’re catching up on TV shows or YouTube videos.


I don’t know how frequently I’ll do these posts, but I hope by doing so I can give you guys some meal/snack ideas especially if you’re in recovery from an eating disorder.

Remember, balance & variety is key!

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