Last Sunday me and one of my best friends took a trip into town with a plan on browsing the Christmas market. What I had hoped would be a day full of festive cheer and capturing an infinite supply of pictures soon turned into freezing cold chaos. I had underestimated how busy it would be. How ignorant of me considering it was two Sundays before Christmas. However, I persevered and managed to get a handful of decent pictures of the market without people’s heads in the way or being pushed to move along.




This was only my second year at a Christmas market. Before last year, I had no idea there was even one in Glasgow! I had made a promise with myself that I would try some of the food this time around as I didn’t last year, but unfortunately I had already eaten lunch and wasn’t overly peckish. But no fear, there is still some time left before it disappears for another year!



Glasgow is also known for the festivities that commence in George Square. Brightly decorated with ice skating, rides and freshly made donuts, this place could easily be given the definition of ‘happiest place on Earth’ – or maybe I should say ‘in Glasgow.’



I get to walk past this to and from college three days a week over the festive period, and it never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m never overly fussed about the fact that I live near Glasgow. I’m in the city so often that I don’t see what the tourists and outsiders see, but I can honestly say that the festive feel surrounding Scotland’s largest city at this time of year makes me more than just content about living here.

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