There’s no denying that 2015 has well and truly been owned by Team Internet. Books, films and music – the likes of Zoella and Troye Sivan have proven that they’re capable of more than just filming videos. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, I am here to provide you a quick rundown on how YouTubers have taken over the world.


Walk into any bookshop and you’re bound to be met with an array of books displaying many faces you have seen on your computer screens. Ranging from fiction (Girl Online – Zoe Sugg), graphic novels (Username: Evie – Joe Sugg) and memoirs (A Work In Progress – Connor Franta), I found myself beginning to roll my eyes every time a YouTuber had a ‘big announcement.’ Admittedly I have fallen guilty to purchasing a number of their books and have a nice little collection myself. For anyone arguing the point that they’re just doing it for the money and that most of them had probably never thought of writing a book previously, fair play. Should YouTube fall through completely in the near future, they’re going to need some sort of income to fall back on, right?




Okay, so we’ve yet to get a magazine purely dedicated to these Internet personalities (although I have previously spotted some one-off publications), but it looks like every young girls/teen magazine these days features at least one of these faces. Next time you’re in your local newsagents or supermarket have a look for yourself. You’ll see I’m not lying nor exaggerating.




It’s no secret that these guys are comfortable on camera, so it comes as no surprise that some of them have moved onto bigger screens. Book releases have seen promotional TV interviews follow, Grace Helbig launched her own talk-show ‘The Grace Helbig Show’ on the American channel ‘E!’ in April and Caspar Lee & Joe Sugg featured in the UK version of the new Spongebob movie voicing two of the seagulls alongside Alan Carr before releasing their own film, ‘Hit The Road.’



It’s not unheard of now for the biggest faces of YouTube to be walking the red carpet at award ceremonies and film premieres. Mixing with celebrities, this new media age has seen new categories arise in popular award shows such as the Teen Choice Awards and the Radio 1 Teen Awards. The former saw a variety of YouTube stars nominated in a total of five categories this year with winners including Zoe Sugg, Bethany Mota and Miranda Sings. Jim Chapman has also presented a number of premieres this year including co-presenting the new Star Wars film premiere.




9 times out of 10, YouTubers just sort of ‘fall into’ this career and would have previously set out into the world with the intent of following another profession. Take Troye Sivan and Emma Blackery. Both have had a passion for music since a young age and it’s been a dream of theirs to become musicians way before the days of YouTube. This year Troye released his second EP ‘Wild‘ and his debut album ‘Blue Neighbourhood.’ ‘Wild’ reached number 5 in both the UK and US charts while ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ debuted at number 7 on the Billboard 200. Emma has previously featured in issues of music magazine ‘Kerrang!’ and supported Charlie Simpson on tour at the beginning of the year.




And of course, with any personality comes the opportunity to sell merchandise. 2015 saw Jim Chapman release his own stationary range, ‘James & Friends,’ while Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr both introduced new products to their  beauty/make-up lines ‘Zoella Beauty‘ and ‘Tanya Burr Cosmetics.’ More recently, health conscious vloggers Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart have started up a healthy snack subscription service and Connor Franta has launched his website, ‘Common Culture,’ where you can purchase official clothing, coffee and music compilations.



Forget about the Internet, 2015 was the year that we saw these faces on every corner we turned. It’s safe to say that the YouTube flame isn’t going to burn out anytime soon.

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