Each year brings a number of new discoveries and new found obsessions. 2015 was no different. As the year comes to a close, I thought I’d share some of my favourite things from the past 12 months.


It’s no secret that I’m not a huge TV watcher, but I do have a few shows that I follow religiously. 2015 was the year ‘A’ was revealed on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ after five years. FINALLY! American Horror Story aired its fifth season, Hotel, which I am currently engrossed in and creator, Ryan Murphy, blessed us with another fabulous TV show, ‘Scream Queens.’ Some honourable mentions include ‘Doctor Who’ and the anime, ‘Ore Monogatari!!’




I’m usually rather lazy when it comes to discovering new music. I tend to stick with the artists I know and love. I did, however, discover Melanie Martinez who is now one of my favourite female artists. Her debut album, ‘Cry Baby’ is on point and I’ve got my fingers crossed that she tours the UK next year. I also became obsessed with pop/punk band, Set It Off and my love for artists such as 5 Seconds of Summer, Marina & the Diamonds, All Time Low and Panic! at the Disco continued to grow as they all released new music this year. Oh, and one of my favourite childhood bands got back together after years of believing that all hope of the three lads ever reforming was long gone: BUSTED!




Gigs are one of my favourite things in the world and over the years I’ve been lucky enough to see a variety of my favourite artists. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to as many this year as I have done previously – a shocking total of four. However, three out of these four are nights that I now hold close to my heart. In May I saw another childhood favourite and a band I had come to accept that I would never get the opportunity to see, S Club 7. 4-year-old me was dying inside. June was the month I FINALLY saw Taylor Swift after a five year wait and last month I got to see my favourite female artist, Marina & the Diamonds. I already have three gigs booked for next year so 2016 is set to be another fab year of live music.

And for those of you wondering what the fourth gig was, it was All Time Low.




I’ve been watching YouTube videos for years and the addiction continued throughout 2015. But with a difference. Previously I had been hooked on videos by Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Tanya Burr and the rest of the ‘British Crew,’ and although I do still enjoy watching these people I have since become obsessed with some lesser known YouTubers. This year saw the likes of Jack & Dean, Hazel Hayes, Dodie Clark and Melanie Murphy take my fancy. I’m planning on writing a separate post talking about my top YouTubers of 2015 in the coming days. This was also the year that I started my own channel. After five years I finally bit the bullet and just went for it! Five months later and I’ve uploaded a video once a week. Here’s hoping this dedication & motivation continues!


I’ve spoken quite openly on here about my experience with anorexia, and this year has been a big one in terms of my recovery. I have slowly began to learn to love food again and appreciate the benefits of it. I have rediscovered some of my favourite foods and discovered some new ones. I still have a bit to go in terms of having a fully healthy relationship with it, but I am in a much better place than I was last year.




It’s a tad embarrassing how much of my year has been taken up by playing this game. One simple app download has lead to my collecting of cuddly mini Tsums – 16 at present – and a competition with the rest of my family to see who can finish the latest bingo card. My addiction has rubbed off on both of my parents and my two sisters. My brother has also just downloaded it to his new phone. I think it’s safe to say that we have a problem.



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