Grown tired of Zoella and PointlessBlog? Here is a list of some of my favourite YouTubers of 2015 and none of which have a book deal.

Melanie Murphy

My favourite YouTuber of the year by far is this Irish lass. Melanie talks openly on her channel about sexuality, mental health and her struggles with acne. I look at her as a big sister figure – one you could ask for advice on anything – and I would love nothing more to meet with her for a cuppa and a chat. She recently completed her first ever Vlogmas which I thoroughly enjoyed and I highly recommend you give those videos a watch if you’re into daily vlogs.

Jack Howard

2015. The year I fell in love with Jack Howard. Following a dream I had one night, I found myself watching his videos and stalking his Twitter & Instagram page the next day. Thus the obsession was born. He is better known for being one half of the comedy duo, Jack & Dean, but he does have his own channel. He may not upload regularly, but the content he does upload is content brimming with passion. He isn’t one for filming a video just for the sake of it. I’ve never even seen James Bond, but I thoroughly enjoyed this video as I love the way it’s put together and you can really see how much joy it brings Jack when he talks about it.

Hazel Hayes

Hazel, in my opinion, is one of the greatest female filmmakers on YouTube. Although, in saying that, I don’t really watch any other female filmmakers. She’s tried her hand at writing, directing, producing and acting – her short film ‘Septum’ saw her take on three of these roles. Her work is creative and original and I’ve yet to be disappointed by a piece. She’s also known for her series ‘Tipsy Talk’ where she and another YouTuber are, well, doing exactly what the title says.

Savannah Brown

I’ve only been subscribed to Savannah for a couple of months, but already she’s up there at the top. An American living in London, she writes her own poetry and talks about a variety of things from aliens (see below), mental illness and virginity. I’m also obsessed with her voice – it’s very gentle and calming.

Sharla In Japan

I love Japan. I have a rather odd obsession with it and one day I hope to take a trip to the country, more specifically Tokyo. However, for the time being, I frequently enjoy living Japan through the eyes of Sharla. A Canadian in Tokyo, she vlogs character based cafes, tries strange Japanese snacks and provides endless ideas on what to do should you ever be in the area.

Daniel J. Layton

Daniel J. Layton. Actor. A man who can lift my spirits in a 2 minute vlog. Whether he’s telling an embarrassing story or complaining about something, there is just something about Dan that pleases me. Not to mention he is a domestic god. His ‘Baking With Layton’ series is a culinary masterpiece.

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