28th January saw Nina Nesbitt return to her homeland. The blonde has been residing down south, but this short tour celebrating the upcoming release of her new EP, ‘Modern Love,’ saw her hit home ground.

This was the third time I have seen Nina, and she did not disappoint. Despite there being little singing from the audience – the setlist mostly consisted of new, unheard tracks – there was certainly an energy in the air.

After the support, James TW, closed his set with a song about not wanting to be in school, Nina took to the stage opening with the oldies ‘Noserings and Shoestrings’ combined with ‘The Apple Tree.’ It was then a string of new songs: ‘West End Weekend,’ ‘Masquerade,’ ‘People In Love’ and ‘OK.’ The small room was silent as we listened to these new lyrics that us fans will undoubtedly all know the next time we see her take the stage. ‘Masquerade’ is the third track on her new EP which is due to be released next month while my guess is that these other tracks will be featured on her next full length album.

What I loved so much about the show was that Nina gave an explanation to the meaning behind each of the new songs. ‘West End Weekend’ about her favourite part of London, ‘Masqurade’ talks about falling in love with someone where you only show your best attributes to each other, while the idea of ‘People In Love’ came about when Nina turned around and saw her best friend kissing a girl.

The songs that the audience did know however were given a different spin. ‘Mr C’ – a track from Nina’s debut album – was remixed with ‘Hotline Bling’ and ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ while the first song of the encore was ‘Stay Out’ like you had never heard it before. The crowd also got a pleasant surprise when she performed ‘Only Love,’ a song taken from her first EP and one she hadn’t played in a number of years.

Two other unheard tracks performed were ‘Take You To Heaven’ – the second track on the upcoming EP – and ‘Kinda, Sorta, Maybe.’  Usually I’m the type of person who only really enjoys live music if I know the songs and am able to sing along, but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the new music and I cannot wait to hear the studio versions of these tracks.

The encore also included her brand new single, ‘Chewing Gum,’ which was the song I was most excited to hear. I’ve been listening to it non-stop since its release and hearing that bubblegum pop live was just as satisfying as hearing it through my earphones. Us Scottish fans were also blessed with an extra performance: a cover of the Proclaimers’ 500 Miles.’ 

She may be spending more time in London these days, but it’s clear Nina will always be a ‘Scottish lass’ at heart.

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