Back in December I posted my first ever ‘what I eat in a day.’ Over two months later I’m finally getting round to putting together another. My apologies if you were looking forward to this mini-series. My only excuse is that I’ve had a lot of other things that I’ve wanted to talk about and felt that my daily consumption of food could wait.


Weetabix with banana & honey

If I’m not eating porridge for breakfast, I’m most likely eating Weetabix. Most people may find this a rather bland cereal to eat, but like with porridge, I love it for the fact that you can be really creative with your toppings. The banana & Weetabix combo is simple but a favourite, however I decided to change it up a bit by adding some honey. I have to admit that before this week I had never tried honey before. I’ve had honey flavoured things but not pure honey. I bought some last week as I was making Ella Woodward’s (Deliciously Ella) sweet potato pancakes so I have an almost full bottle to get through! Good thing I’m enjoying it. This was devoured alongside my morning coffee.



Tuna & sweetcorn panini with crisps & salad

Lunch was a bit more exciting than usual as we went out to celebrate my Great Grandpa’s 90th birthday. We went to Boswell’s Coach House which is a cute building nestled in the country between Mauchline & Auchinleck. Alongside the coffee house, there is also a gift shop and plenty of paths to walk along in the surrounding area. I chose the tuna & sweetcorn panini which came with a side of tortilla chips & salad. I really enjoyed it and it was nice to go out and eat somewhere new.



‘Graze’ fruit & seed flapjack

As it was my Great Grandpa’s birthday, it was only natural that there was cake. Admittedly I’m not a huge cake lover unless it’s red velvet or coffee flavoured, so I didn’t have a piece. However, I was not using that as an excuse to skip out on a sweet treat. If recovering from an eating disorder has taught me anything then it’s to take any opportunity to eat something a little more indulgent! I decided to have one of the fruit & seed flapjacks from my Graze box. I only had one since I wasn’t overly hungry, but these flapjacks are amazing. They’re one of my favourite snacks that Graze send out and the fact that they come already cut up into three bits make it perfect for when you’re not feeling like eating the whole thing. And of course I had to have my afternoon coffee too.



Sundried tomato rice with pepper, sweet & salty roasted peas, beans & seeds and spicy piri piri houmous

A typical Elijah-style dish here. Rice with a mixture of veg, a protein foodstuff and houmous. This is usually my go-to for a lunch but having had a late lunch I wasn’t feeling overly peckish. What I love about this dish is that you can mix it up by adding different vegetables, seeds, different flavours of houmous or even add some chicken, turkey or tuna. I also may or may not have had another of the little flapjacks.


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