In the light of recent events circling pop singer Kesha’s plea to leave her six-album record contract with Sony following claims against producer Dr. Luke drugging and raping her, people have been both showing their support of the ‘Tik Tok’ singer and have also been highlighting that this behaviour towards females within the music industry isn’t new.

Last year, Kesha bravely came forward and opened up about what had happened between her and the music producer who she had worked with on her first two albums, ‘Animal’ and ‘Warrior.’ On the 19th February, the Supreme Court judge refused her plea to leave the contract claiming that Sony would suffer ‘irreparable harm’ should she leave.

It has came to my attention, as well as many others, that we live in a world where men are apparently allowed to get away with these sorts of things and women are still struggling to be heard. The 21st century is supposed to be an era of putting these inequalities behind us but it seems the world is still having a ridiculously hard time doing that.

When Chris Brown beat Rihanna, he got away with minimal sentencing and continues to have a thriving career while at the time of the abuse, Rihanna’s own career was seen to be on the line. Britney Spears and Mariah Carey have both suffered mental health problems that the media seemed to have neglected and ridiculed in some way when it is thought that the pressures from such outlets had a huge impact on their mental well-being. All the while people such as John Lennon are continued to be looked up to and thought of as ‘heroes’ despite his admitting in beating a woman up.

The incident involving Kesha and Dr. Luke is just another that brings to light the fact that women are still seen as inferior. In this day and age we are told that we now have the ability to speak up and take control, but do we really? If a young woman cannot leave the clutches of her rapist and move on with her life then there is something seriously wrong with the justice system.

Another point that I have seen across social media is that Sony – the same label that One Direction are signed to – were more than happy to let Zayn Malik walk when he wanted to. So, why can’t Kesha?

I live in hope that one day we will see females, not only in the music industry but in all job sectors, being treated as equal to males. I also live in hope that Kesha gets the justice she deserves and that she will be able to create music again soon. I am standing with her 100%.

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