It’s no secret that I’m not a huge film watcher. I’m usually very picky over what I spend my money on when it comes to the cinema. However, one genre that I will jump at the chance to watch no matter the storyline is horror. It’s been over two months since I last saw a ‘scary movie’ at the cinema so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to see ‘The Forest.’

This supernatural horror flick is set in Japan, more specifically the Aokigahara Forest, also known as the ‘Suicide Forest.’ It revolves around a young woman, Sara, who goes off into the forest looking for her twin sister, Jess, an English teacher in Japan who goes missing when the class take a trip into the forest. It is said that after 48 hours of someones disappearance into the forest it is likely that they are dead. Being identical twins, Sara believes that her sister is still alive and enters the forest with a tour guide and journalist, leaving the path which is warned against.

It is said that if you enter the forest feeling sad then you will start to see things. Alas, this is what happens.

On the horror scale, ‘The Forest’ sits somewhere in the middle but towards the lower end. It’s not terrifying but there are those moments of suspense that have you tempted to close your eyes. The part I found the most scary and disturbing wasn’t any of the parts that made you jump. It was in fact a scene where you witnessed tiny white worm/maggot creatures crawling up Sara’s arm under her skin before she almost takes a knife to them. Gross.

If you’re looking for a few jump scares and a good laugh with your friends then this is perfect. If you’re looking for trembling shakes and a sleepless night then this film simply will not suffice. If anything, ‘The Forest’ left me tempted to go to Japan and explore this mysterious forest myself. A death trap? Maybe, maybe..

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2 thoughts on “‘THE FOREST’ | FILM REVIEW

  1. scootlespma says:

    If you’ve not seen it yet, VICE do a great documentary on the forest itself which really captures the creepy, imposing atmosphere of it. Would definitely recommend if the film got you interested in seeing more of the real place!


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