This morning Union J fans woke to the news that George Shelley had left the group. George joined the group formally known as Triple J in 2012 on ‘The X Factor,’ after auditioning as a solo artist. Since then the four piece have released two albums, a book and their own dolls. A statement was released on the groups official Facebook page stating that George’s departure was down to a mutual decision but is there more to it?

The band have been fairly inactive over the past few months after their arena tour supporting fellow British group, The Vamps, focusing on their own individual projects. Josh Cuthbert recently signed a modeling contract, JJ Hamblett has been working on an online series, ‘We Are The Hambletts,’ alongside his girlfriend and their son, Jaymi Hensley has made a number of television appearances including on ‘Come Dine With Me’ while George appeared on the 2015 series of ‘I’m a Celebrity..’ and has recently been presenting on Capital FM.


George was runner-up on the 2015 series of ‘I’m a Celebrity’

Since the announcement, there has been speculation that George was in fact kicked out of the band due to lack of commitment. It was revealed that the other three had apparently given George an ultimatum about his part in the group. Rumoured to have been jealous of the youngest’s recent success, these were quickly shut down as Jaymi stated that there was ‘no bad blood’ and that he was ‘very proud’ of George. Josh backed up his bandmate by saying that they will always be friends.

As a fan myself who actively follows the group on social media, I can honestly say that this doesn’t really come as much of a shock. I do however hope that the rumours of George being kicked out isn’t true and that it was a mutual decision.

I wish both Union J and George the best of luck with their future successes and I will be supporting all of the boys in each of their careers 100%.

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