I thought it was about time I write up another ‘What I Eat In a Day’ because let’s face it, everyone loves food. Today has been a chilled day at home and one where I haven’t been feeling 100%. Thankfully feeling ill hasn’t gotten rid of my appetite.


Porridge with apple, coconut choc shot & ‘Unbeelievable’ Bee Prepared immune capsule

After a short two day stint of eating weetabix for breakfast, it was great to be reunited with my beloved porridge. One of the reasons I love it so much is that you can be super creative with your toppings. Today I opted for apple and my favourite coconut choc shot by Sweet Freedom. Nothing beats a bit of chocolate in the morning. Since I’m feeling run down with the world’s worst cold, I decided to use one of these immune capsules that I received in this months Sourced Box. I mixed the powder into my porridge before whacking it in the microwave resulting in the oats to soak up the milk a lot quicker so it was a lot more ‘goopy’ than usual. A coffee was of course drank alongside this.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Sweet chilli turkey, moroccan spiced houmous & cucumber wrap

Morrocan spiced houmous with carrot sticks & tomatoes

I always seem to incorporate houmous into my lunch every single day whether it be with rice, in a sandwich or as a dip. Today I used it both spread in a wrap and as a dip alongside some carrot sticks. I had never tried this houmous before, but I must admit that I much prefer Tesco’s moroccan homous opposed to this ASDA one. Also, these wraps are smaller than most meaning you can’t cut it in half without the contents spilling out!


 Afternoon Snack

‘Aduna’ baobab superfruit energy bar


The afternoon brings with it a snack and a cup of coffee. Today’s choice was this boabab superfruit energy bar by Aduna. I received this in the March Sourced Box and had never tried it before. Admittedly I thought pineapple a bit of an odd flavour for a raw bar, but I enjoyed it none the less. I also hoped that the Vitamin C in it would help combat my cold.


Indian style lentil & spinach quarter pounder, sundried tomato rice & veg

‘Muller Light’ blueberry yogurt

In style of a true terrible blogger, I completely forgot to snap a picture of my dinner. However, it didn’t look overly appealing so you’re really not missing much. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not vegetarian, but I do naturally tend to lean towards and prefer veggie options. These veggie quarter pounders are fab and when teamed with rice & more veg, the perfect combo is created.

And of course, no dinner is complete without something sweet. Today it was a blueberry yogurt – one of my favourite flavours.




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