The 20th March marks the International Day of Happiness and so to celebrate this momentous occasion I thought I would share 5 of the little things in life that can make me smile on a daily basis.

1) Coffee

This is an obvious one for me. I am a coffee addict. I don’t even drink it to keep me awake, I drink it for pure pleasure – and maybe to stop me from getting a headache. I tend to drink two cups a day but I have also been known to drink three or four. Unhealthy? Probably. Do I care? Not at all. As much as I do love the fancy coffees you get in Starbucks and Costa, there is nothing that pleases me more than sitting down with simple cup of coffee with nothing but a dash of milk.

143/365 - Coffee break

2) A cute, pastel outfit

I am a huge lover of anything cute, girly and pastel – especially pastel pink. You would never believe that I had an ’emo phase’ what with some of the things I wear. I’m lucky in the respect that I feel confident enough to go out and wear patterned tights, ‘kawaii’ accessories and the like. I feel my best when I’m wearing these cute clothes. Spring and Summer tends to be the height of my pastel attire. I reckon it’s time I started digging the pinks out.


3) Japan

My interest in super cute, girly outfits spiraled from my interest in Japan. In an ideal world I would love to walk down the street wearing a Lolita style dress. Japan is the only country that I would truly drop everything and jump at the chance to go to. I spend my free time browsing Tumblr where my blog is very pink and at times could be referred to as ‘weeaboo trash’ although I beg to differ. Looking at pictures of the country’s scenery always washes some sort of peace over me – especially if the scenery includes cherry blossom. I would consider Japan ‘my happy place’ despite never having been there before. It will happen one day though. It will happen one day.


4) Anime openings/closings

Another thing relating back to Japan? Guilty as charged. If there is any kind of music that can make me feel as if I can do anything and kick ass, it’s anime opening and closing songs. Some of them are just so upbeat that you can’t help imagining yourself ninja-style while listening to it. If I ever need cheering up, I know the Attack On Titan openings are there for me.

5) Buttery toast

Sometimes it really is just the simple things that make life all the better. Forget about the ‘avo and toast’ hype, plain and simple butter is where it’s at. Admittedly I don’t actually have buttery toast that often, but when I do I instantly remember all the good in the world and my troubles are washed away even if only for a few bites.


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