Life has been both hectic but amazing over the past couple of months for a number of different reasons. From education to relationships, I feel as if I’ve been go-go-go for weeks now.

I recently uploaded a ‘life update’ video to my YouTube channel and as I was running low on blog ideas and as suggested by my boyfriend, I thought I would sum the video up in written form. I’m aware that both my blog and YouTube may have different audiences so I may do more of this type of thing in the future!

1) Education

I’m currently studying Media & Communication at college and have been busy working on my graded unit. The provisional hand in is fast approaching – less than a month away now – and the pressure is on. With the end of the year almost around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about what I’m going to do next year. Thankfully it looks as if I have things sorted. I recently received a conditional offer for my first choice uni and course, Journalism, Creative Writing & English. What pleases me even more is that the condition is to confirm my graded unit results from last year, so basically it’s an unconditional! It’s definitely taken the pressure off a little but I’m of course still going to aim for an ‘A’ in this years graded unit.

2) Health

I’ve already touched on this a few blog posts back, but a few weeks ago I had my final appointments with both my therapist and dietitian. This has been a huge step in terms of my eating disorder recovery. It’s been a long and hard battle, but I would not have gotten to where I am right now if it wasn’t for these two health professionals. I still have the odd down day where I don’t feel so great about myself and the negative thoughts creep back in, but all in all I’m incredibly happy and finally at peace with myself.

3) Relationships

I’m an introverted person and for most of my life I’ve stuck with the people I know. However, recently I have been ‘broadening my horizons.’ I’ve been hanging out a lot more with my sister and her friends who I now consider good friends of mine. For the longest of time I stuck with going out during the day and only with my best friends, but now I’m staying out later and hanging with others and I’m genuinely really enjoying it. Socialising with these new people also led me to meet my boyfriend. He’s a pretty grand guy and had I never actively chosen to go to that first party I’d have never met him. So, for all of my fellow introverted friends out there, just try and put yourself out there a little bit more. I promise it’s not as bad as you think.

I touched on a little bit more of what’s been happening in my life in my video, so if you’re feeling extra nosey, feel free to give it a watch.

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