Being a huge foodie, naturally I have foods that I consider staples in my diet. These are foods that I eat almost every day and if I’m not stocked up on them I feel on edge and feel the need to go up to the supermarket and buy more – or should I say, my Mum goes.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 food staples.

1) Porridge

My favourite thing to eat for breakfast, and what I eat most days, is porridge. I previously addressed the reason for this as being you can get creative with your toppings. However, I also genuinely like the taste of plain porridge oats. Call me boring or whatever you like, but I cannot deny my taste buds. Porridge is great because it’s filling and warming which is especially needed when living in Scotland.



2) Nut butter

With a snack or with breakfast, nut butters are one of my favourite foods. Filled with healthy fats, these little jars of goodness helped me to overcome my ‘fear’ of fatty foods while in recovery. My favourite brand is ‘Meridian,’ especially their almond butter. What’s great about this company is that the only thing in their nut butters is the nut itself! No added sugar or salt which can be found in most peanut butters. I can also confirm that their new coconut peanut butter is amazing. My favourite way to eat this is with rice cakes or on top of porridge.



3) Rice

A bit of a basic one, but I could not live without rice. I’ve always loved it and can even eat plain white rice on its own, but a particular staple in my diet are these ‘Tilda‘ flavoured rices. Occasionally I’ll have it with my dinner but for the most part these make up the main part of my lunches. I frequently make up what I like to think of as my own ‘Elijah special:’ rice, turkey/chicken, veg, houmous and sometimes seeds if I have any lying around. 9 times out of 10 this is what I make up to take to college but I also eat it at home a lot too. My favourite flavours are sundried tomato, roasted vegetable and vegetable biryani.



4) Soya milk

Now this may cause some controversy, especially within the recovery community. I used to drink cows milk, but I was never a huge fan of it. I’d use it in my cereal, coffee and would occasionally drink a glass of it after I had eaten chocolate – it ALWAYS tasted better after chocolate. Then I stopped and it became a ‘fear’ while I was caught up in my eating disorder and I changed to soy milk. I’ve never looked back since. My reason for drinking soy milk at present is for the genuine fact that I prefer the taste of it. I can drink it on its own no problem and I also prefer the flavour of it in my coffee. So, before you go and make the comment that it’s ‘disordered,’ I sometimes drink cows milk if it is the only type available. I use soy milk in my coffee, porridge, with Weetabix and with any other milk requirements.



5) Houmous

Last but not least: HOUMOUS! I only tried houmous for the first time a little under two years ago now and it has became such a staple in my diet. I use it as a spread in my sandwiches, as a dip with carrot sticks and of course in my ‘Elijah special.’ Houmous is another great way to get those healthy fats in and is also a good source of protein. I never  opt for the plain one though. My favourite flavours are Moroccan and sweet chilli.



If you want to find out what other foods I enjoy and eat on a regular basis, follow my foodie Instagram,  @delishellie.

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