I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now, and only 6 of those months have been regularly on here. As much as I love writing about a huge variety of different topics, I want to put more focus on one particular interest: food & health.

You may or may not know that I run a food & lifestyle Instagram account called DelishEllie. Previously an account where I documented my recovery from anorexia, DelishEllie is a platform where I share the food I eat, share advice and words of encouragement to those who may be struggling with eating problems and just my thoughts in general. It’s a place of positivity and unlike a lot of food & lifestyle accounts on social media, highlights the importance of a balanced diet. Eat your 5-a-day but it’s perfectly acceptable if one of those is the pineapple on your pizza. I want to expand DelishEllie to a bigger platform and share even more food and positive vibes to a wider audience.


So, what can you expect from the DelishEllie blog?

I’m hoping to review different foods and cafe/restaurants alongside continuing my ‘What I Eat In a Day’ series. I also want to try and contact different food companies and interview them about their products as well as including more advice in terms of eating disorder recovery.

The overall message of DelishEllie will be about balance. I may talk about foods that people would see as ‘clean’ but I will also talk about those foods that are deemed as ‘naughty.’

I’m not sure when I’m going to launch the blog as I want to make sure that I am 100% happy with it and that I have some content on it already, so be sure to keep an eye out on my social media to find out when it’s live. I’ll also be continuing with this blog for the time being. Eventually I plan to stop posting on here but will continue to write reviews for online publications such as Student Wire.

I can’t wait to start up this new project and hope you’re looking forward to it too. In the mean time, feel free to follow the DelishEllie Instagram to keep updated on some of the fab food I am eating.

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