I am never one to turn down a Disney film so naturally I jumped at the chance to go and see the latest release ‘Zootropolis,’ or as it’s known outside of the UK ‘Zootopia.’ Considering that it has been ranked in the top 250 on IMDb, I can confirm that it is unlike any Disney film I have seen previous.



The story follows Judy Hopps who is the first ever rabbit to join the police force in the city of Zootropolis. The story unfolds as Judy takes on and tries to solve a mysterious case involving the disappearance of an otter.

What makes this film so different to its Disney predecessors are the themes that run through the story. There is a primary focus on stereotypes and prejudice that older audiences will catch onto quickly. As it is a children’s film, it does well in putting across these problems that we have in our own society and tells it in a way that this younger generation will understand as wrong.

I personally feel as if more children’s films should take a leaf out of this new release’s book. The media plays such a huge factor in influencing younger generations and if outlets such as TV & film can push further these messages then we are a step closer to erasing these problems from society for good.

Aside from these themes, the film is fun for all the family. There is a good amount of humour in it and you’ll easily grow an attachment to the characters. Even if you consider yourself ‘too old’ for Disney films – which is ridiculous since you’re never ‘too old’ for Disney films – I highly recommend you make an exception for this one.


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