I know I said I would continue these posts on my ‘DelishEllie‘ blog but when I thought about it more I just didn’t see the point in posting only unboxings on a separate blog. So I am here with a look into the October ‘Sourced Box.’



First up we have the return of ‘Clearly Scrumptious‘ with their cherry flavoured dried cranberries & raisins. They count as one of your 5-a-day and I will definitely be using these as a Weetabix or porridge topper. We also have something from the brand ‘I Love Snacks.’ I tried this dehydrated mango last night and it was pretty good! I healthy little snack if you’re wanting something sweet.



Forever my favourite category of snacks: chocolate. We have two brands here that I already knew I loved. These oat and cocoa cookies by ‘The Beginnings‘ sound truly divine. I’ve been a huge fan of the previous raw biscuits that have been included in previous Sourced Boxes so have high expectations for these, especially since they’re chocolate.

Drop everything and go and buy a batch of these bars online right now! I was so excited to see this hazelnut praline bar by ‘Rhythm 108‘ in this months box. I am a huge fan of their dessert bars and tea biscuits so when they announced that they were releasing new chocolate bars I was super eager to try them. I can confirm that this beauty does not disappoint! It has 47% less sugar than your standard chocolate bar but it still has the perfect level of indulgence.



Snact‘ have returned with new packaging and a new product. Their fruit jerky have featured in ‘Sourced Box’ before but I must have missed the memo when they released these bars. I had this today with a cup of coffee and it was pretty good. Unlike most raw bars, this doesn’t have any dates in and is instead made mostly from banana. The carrot & spice flavour is also right up my ally! Keeping with the banana theme we also have these banananut bites by ‘Moral Fibre.’ I haven’t tried these yet but they look pretty damn good. You usually know what to expect with these types of raw snacks and I usually expect to like them a lot.



This month’s main drink is this sparkling water with cucumber by ‘Dash Water.’ I completely forgot about this and am now tempted to go and get it from the fridge once I’ve finished writing this post. ‘Dash Water’ use surplus cucumbers when making their water so no cucumber is thrown away!

You can live out your inner child with this summer fruits jelly juice by ‘Naturelly.’ I think I’ve had more of these types of things in my adult life than I ever did in my childhood thanks to these subscription boxes and I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed to admit that…

Of course ‘Sourced Box’ is not complete without a tea. This month we have banana bread chai by ‘The Bluebird Tea Co.‘ The more I drink these different teas, the more I’m starting to enjoy them and this flavour sounds pretty damn good. I love anything with spices like cinnamon, ginger & chai in!



Finally ‘Sourced Box’ have provided me yet again with some things to add to my rice salads. We have these wakuwaku cashews by ‘Kinomi.’ These cashews are coated in a variety of Japanese flavours like soy sauce and sake.

From one Eastern Asian country to another, we move onto these Korean BBQ Broadbeans by ‘Other Foods.’ I’m not the biggest fan of BBQ flavoured things but I put some of these in with my rice salad today and I actually really liked them. The BBQ flavour isn’t overly strong and they gave a nice crunch to my salad.


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