It’s been a long time coming but it’s time for the unboxing of the October ‘The Vegan Kind‘ box. This month was by far one of my favourite boxes to date. With a chocolate cookie, cola bottles and a raw protein snack bar, how could it disappoint?



This box pays homage to some of Britain’s favourite sweets. These vegan cola bottles by ‘Biona Organic‘ may not quite live up to the standards of ‘Harbio’ cola bottles but they sure make a good enough vegan substitute.

The only product that I was disappointed in this month was this lemon & lime sherbet popcorn by ‘Retro Corn.’ I love popcorn but this stuff is just something else. It’s coated in actual lemon & lime sherbet sweets. Me and my boyfriend were not fond of it and neither were his flatmates. I’m sure there are some people out there who like it but I think I’ll stick to my sweet n salty popcorn in future.



Who needs to eat meat when you can get an extra hit of protein through a chocolate cookie?! I’ve been saving this as long as possible since I know that I’m going to love it. It’s by the brand ‘My Protein‘ and has dark chocolate chunks in too. It sounds heavenly!

One of the things I have eaten already though is this peanut butter jelly protein energy bar by ‘Vive.’ I’m a huge fan of anything peanut butter flavour so this was right up my street. I can confirm that it was delicious and was the perfect thing to give me an energy boost mid-afternoon.



I was super excited to find this ready meal in this month’s box. My favourite thing about TVK is that they include products like this! This is a chickpea & lentil dahl by ‘Geo Organics‘ and makes for a quick, easy and warming dinner. I had it one night with some rice and it was delicious. Perfect for those Autumnal nights.



This watermelon & peach aloe vera drink by ‘alo‘ saved me when I was hungover the  other day. It was super refreshing and I love watermelon flavoured things and peach flavoured things so it was the perfect flavour combination. Once you get past the weird aloe vera pulp in it – a bit like jelly pieces – it’s great!



This month’s non-edible item is another candle by ‘Harper’s Candle.’ They’ve featured in TVK quite a few times now and I’m always more than happy to add to my candle collection. I can be very picky with my candle scents and was curious as to what the Halloween themed ‘Little Black Cat’ would smell like. I love the scent and it smells like something that reminds me of when I was younger but I can’t quite put my finger on what.


COST OF BOX: £10 (£9 on a 3 month package)


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