It’s that time of year again where Spotify lets us know what songs we’ve listened to the most over the past 12 months. Mine are pretty predictable – a lot of ONE OK ROCK and PVRIS – but I thought I would share with you the top 6 tracks in the playlist and give a bit more detail on each. Also note that I am talking about the top 6 in the ‘Top Songs of 2017’ playlist and not the top songs in the ‘2017 wrapped’ image below.



I would have been incredibly surprised if the top spot wasn’t taken by a OOR song. It’s no secret that this Japanese rock band became my ultimate favourite this year. The summer months were filled with me listening to them non-stop, endlessly watching their live videos on YouTube and spending god knows how much on collecting all eight of their albums. I’ve actually been listening to OOR since around March/April of 2016 but I was only really obsessed with the ’35xxxv’ album and then ‘Ambitions’ was added to the mix when it was released back in January. However, almost exactly a year after I first discovered them I started listening to some of their older stuff and I was hooked. ‘Deeper Deeper’ was one of the first older songs I listened to. I thought it was so catchy and it was a song that I had on repeat. Evidently. It’s still one of my go-to songs when I don’t know what to listen to and remains in my top 5 OOR songs. Like many OOR fans, I do much prefer their older stuff but I know that OOR are one of those bands that could release any genre and I’d be in love.




If I’m not listening to ONE OK ROCK then I’m probably listening to PVRIS. I only started listening to them at the beginning of the year but it didn’t take me long to become obsessed. They were a band that I had tried to get into before but never could. God knows why because now they’re one of my favourite bands. I’ve yet to hear a song by them that I don’t like! When I first listened to their debut album, ‘White Noise, ‘Fire’ was instantly one of my favourites. It would make me feel somewhat badass listening to it. PVRIS’s music has a very different vibe to any other artist I listen to; eerie and a bit spooky. They released their second album this year and it was very close in overtaking ‘White Noise’ as my favourite PVRIS album but didn’t quite make it. It’s still a great album though; it’s just that most of my fave songs by this trio are on their debut record.




I’m starting to see a theme here. Here’s another band that I fell in love with this year – Waterparks. I first heard about them when it was announced that they would be supporting All Time Low at the beginning of the year. I listened to a few songs and thought they were super catchy but never properly got into them. Then after All Time Low I started listening to them more and guess what? Obsessed. Pop punk music is my favourite genre and Waterparks are pure pop punk heaven! With ‘Hawaii (Stay Awake)’ being my third most played track of the year obviously this one is my favourite by them. It’s so catchy and it never fails to make me want to dance around. I really hope they play it when I see them in March!




You thought there would really only be one OOR song in my top 6? Think again. Like ‘Deeper Deeper,’ ‘ONION!’ was another of their older songs that I instantly fell in love with and had on repeat. The fact that they actually have a song named after a vegetable with the lyric ‘life is like an onion’ still gets me every time.




Another band that I discovered this year. Well, I didn’t really discover them as such. My boyfriend showed me them, and this song, the second time we hung out I believe. So naturally the band and this song makes me think of him. I’ll stop now before y’all are like ‘ew relationships.’ This is probably the TFB’s most catchiest song and is still one of my favourite songs to listen to at the moment.




To finish off the list we have another track from PVRIS’s debut album, ‘My House.’ This was actually one of the songs that I listened to ages ago when I first tried to get into them. I believe this is one of PVRIS’s most successful songs and that’s no surprise. It’s hard not to want to yell the chorus at the top of your voice.



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